Journal of Media Literacy

Welcome! The Journal of Media Literacy brings together the thinking and experiences of the major pioneers, the current practitioners, and the future thinkers in media literacy. It is produced twice a year, and is the only in-depth North American print journal in media education. For the theme of each issue, the editorial board invites an expert guest co-editor and outstanding contributors in their field.

Our current fall issue - “Finding Common Ground: Media Literacy and the Common Core Standards,” looks at media literacy under the lens of today’s reforms, in particular the complicated, multifaceted, and controversial attempts to establish a nationwide common core of basic standards in education, in the hope that this will improve America’s ranking in the world.  

As guest editor of this issue, Frank Baker has based much of his research in following national trends in educational standards. We are grateful for his leadership in pulling together this group of authors which includes intellectuals, practitioners, and critics who provide comparisons of pedagogy, theories and models of learning, and classroom examples.  These authors represent the work that all of us in the field of Media Literacy champion, educating today’s youth who are swimming in the media-saturated culture of the 21st century, and yet doing so within the institutional guidelines of the Common Core State Standards. 

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